The following are quotes by me:

~ Be grateful for EVERYTHING in your life... the good, bad, ugly... find something to be grateful for. If you focus on the good things, you don't have time to think about the crap around you.

~ You can't pick up roses if you're holding shit.

~ The world has enough assholes…so be helpful and kind or just shut the fuck up!!!

~ Suck on that!

~ Shake it off and move on. If you keep reliving the past that is exactly what you'll have in your future.

~ Humble yourself or God will do it for you.

~ If you work out of the home - you are still a housewife... If you are a stay at home mom - you are still working. No matter what society labels you - if you're a mom, you're doing it ALL.

~ Make everyday a good memory for your children.

~ If you focus too much on what other's have, you just might miss what God has given you.

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