Thanks for stopping by My Blog. I'm a working married mom of boys in high school and college two grown men; blogging about the many changes in life, while overcoming obesity, driver's training, the empty nest and many Milestones ahead with humor, common sense and the Lord to carry me.

As my oldest son entered high school I started feeling the need to do something to keep me busy. I started making a list of things/hobbies to start when the boys were no longer living at home and I'd have more time.

I've always kept a journal but I started my first blog on MySpace - although at the time, I didn't even know that's what I was doing. I meant it to be a way to keep far away family and friends in the loop.

I made the move to Blogger (More Milestones).  A couple of years later, I went a little nuts, got my own domain, changed my name (Mona's Milestones) and got a new design.

Blogging has become my guilty pleasure.  It really has kept me from going bonkers!

Smile, enjoy and have a beautiful day!

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