September 2014

Hi. I’m Mona. Welcome to my blog.

That was then.  Mason and Chance, my boys.

Garett – My husband. I had known for over 23 yrs.  Married for 18.  We started the whole Brad and Angelina thing – kids before marriage.

These were the very best years of my life. 

Then came the shock of my life.  Garett left me for his high school crush.  Reading past post, I guess I should have known.

Depression set in and has yet to leave.

It's life.  My life, love, and loss.  Waiting for love to find me once more.

~ JOB:
I work at a public school. Although, I’ve worked in many positions and in different buildings, I am now the attendance clerk at an elementary school.  I love my job… and not for the summers off.

Tyson – our 2 year old Doberman. We had to have our 7 year old Doberman, Payton*, euthanized because of bone cancer. The hardest thing ever. Tyson really has helped the healing and fill the quiet that remained.

Because I work at a public school, I don't have a picture of myself only started posting the names of my family three years after I started posting.  (I know.  I'm either really smart or really paranoid.)
This blog and my posts ARE real, ARE mine, and ARE from the heart.
It all started HERE - my first post.

*Payton: 2002-2009, I still miss him.

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