Saturday, January 12, 2013

That Was Then

Hi. I’m Mona. Welcome to my blog. I’m a 41 year old, working, married, mom of two boys and a 2 year old Doberman.  (It all started HERE)

My family means everything to me.

Garett 2006
Garett – My husband. I’ve known him for over 20 years. We’ve been married for 17. We started the whole Brad and Angelina thing – kids before marriage.

Chance and Mason
Mason – 20, now living on his own. He's a working college junior.

Chance – 17, now driving on his own. He's a high school junior.

Tyson 2009
Tyson – our 2 year old Doberman. 

Payton 2009
We had to have our 7 year old Doberman, Payton*, euthanized because of bone cancer. The hardest thing ever. Tyson really has helped the healing and fill the quiet that remained.

This fall I started my 11th year working at a public school. Although, I've worked in many positions and in different buildings, I am now the attendance clerk at an elementary school. I love my job… and not for the summers off.

People always ask so I'll answer…

Yes, I'm done having kids and Yes, I am more than OK with not having a girl. I love my boys…I really can't imagine how a girl would fit in with all the wrestling, farts, burps, and testicle jokes…. and those are just the ones that come from me.

*Payton: 2002-2009, I still miss him.

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