Monday, January 14, 2013

A Love Like That

I didn't give up on love. It gave up on me.

I don’t think I've ever been truly deeply loved by a man. Sure I've been cared for but I have never been someone’s one and only. Something else always came first...drugs, alcohol, sluts.

It’s my fault. I settled. My husband was never romantic. I excused it as it just being his personality. In reality if a man truly loves you he will show he only has you on his mind. You'll feel his love and never doubt it.

I hope never to be fooled by a man’s sweet words or soft kisses and remember his actions (or lack of) matter too.

The way he loved me wasn't good enough. I won’t settle ever again.

My Love:
            ·    Honest
            ·    Loving
            ·    Protective
            ·    Patient
            ·    Open
            ·    Intelligent
            ·    Kind
            ·    Strong
            ·    Witty
            ·    Romantic
            ·    Humble
            ·    Faithful
            ·    Patriotic
            ·    Dog lover
            ·    Man of faith
            ·    Not afraid to be a dork
       ·    Accepts me with all my flaws

I want to be someone’s priority.  I want someone to think of me and just can’t help but smile.

I want to hold hands, be held close, feel safe, kissed, loved, made love to.

I want to share our days, life, hopes, dreams.

I want to be loved. I want someone to count on. I want someone to believe in.

I want a love like that.

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