Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Have You Seen My Husband?

The funny thing is, I never wanted to get married.  Didn't even want to change my name.  My parents were divorced so I didn't believe in happily ever after. 

Having Mason was one thing but getting pregnant again was too much for my father or Garett to handle so even though I didn't fully trust Garett with my heart, we married.

I was a good wife.  I never put pressure on Garett for ANYTHING.  Never asked him for a new home, car, carpet, furniture, vacations, NOTHING.  Never even asked him for money for groceries or just because.  He and our boys were all I ever needed. 

This was it.  Chance would be graduating next spring and then our time would be ours.  All these years we lived for our boys.  Now it would be our turn.  I was excited to get to know him again.  Reconnect as a couple.

He had other plans.  Had been planning for over a year.

It’s been months since he left and I still can’t believe how horrible he’s treated us. 

One day we are entertaining, the next day he says he’s leaving me, two days later he’s moving his girlfriend (of over a year) and her twelve year old daughter from Wisconsin into a home they both share now.

Since the day he left he has stopped all financial support (except cell phone payment).  Hasn't paid mortgage, car, utilities, not even the garbage.  No money for food, gas, Chance’s school lunch, cloths, books… NOTHING. 

He has stopped all emotional support.  He rarely returns calls, voice mail, texts, email, NOTHING. 

His only concern was for the riding lawnmower I had to sell to pay bills and feed our son.

He moved on, moved out and never glanced back.  It’s as if we don’t exist.  As if we NEVER existed.  I’m his wife and he treats me as if I’m nothing.  As if I’m the other woman.  When he does contact me it’s before/during/after his work day...but never when he’s not at work.

I don’t make enough for the mortgage or car payment so the bank will soon be taking those back.  I can’t believe he’s not concerned about where we will go.  Where we will live.  How will we get to school.  He just doesn't care. 

I've known this man for over 22 years but it’s as if I never knew him at all.  I loved him with all my heart.  Gave him two sons.  Took care of him when he was sick.  Would have done ANYTHING for him.

Who is this piece of shit deadbeat dad?  Where did my sweet loving husband go?

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Marguerite said...

If he is living with the girlfriend, and you are still legally married, even though you are separated, then he HAS TO pay your bills and support your minor child. Get yourself a lawyer and start building the case against him for adultery. You will win.