Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I moved around A LOT as a kid.  I can drive my kids past most of the houses we lived in (I’ll have to go to a couple of states); but I will never be able to walk them through and SHOW them the paint on the walls and were we ate, played, lived.

As an adult I only wanted to stay in one place; have my kids go to the same school from elementary through graduation.  So far we’ve done that. (Well, almost – C will be a senior this fall).

I just want a life of peace, love and happiness.  I just want to be treated with respect.  I want to be treated with care, a delicate piece of china - OK, maybe that’s going too far.

I’ve always said our home is our safe place.  Inside these walls we can be who we are – good, bad, ugly days.  This is where we express our hopes, dreams, fears, anger even.  No judgment.  Just love and the best advice we can give.

The world can be awful and mean.  It can turn on you in a second.  People can be fake, phony, cruel.  When we are home we shut out all that garbage. 

Here we can get angry and disagree but NEVER should we treat each other with disrespect.  Never should we use mean, hateful, hurtful words or actions toward each other.  We face enough of that in the world.  This is the one place we should not have to deal with the nastiness of life.

I want what I think everyone wants - to be able to provide for our family, to have a happy home.  No drama.  Just peace.

Like everyone, we have our good times and bad.  I wish for our boys mostly good times and all the love, laughter and understanding to get them through the bad. 

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