Thursday, July 7, 2011

Then I Cried

I was so angry. Livid. Then I cried.

Caylee Anthony is dead and where are the people who were supposed to love her most? Her mom goes out drinking, dancing, living it up. Her grandfather, if you believe Casey Anthony, helped to cover up her death. (So either Casey or George Anthony put her body in the woods)

Put her body in the woods and went on with a lie.

Instead of being protected, she was thrown away.

I just can’t believe anyone would give Casey Anthony the benefit of the doubt, let alone a not guilty verdict. I saw a juror being interviewed. She said nothing made sense to her to find Casey guilty.

So, mom has child in her care, child is dead, mom isn’t guilty? Even though she lied about her whereabouts for 31 days? I could see doubt if it were a teen who could walk off by themselves. Not a 2 year old.

Those on the stand said there was a special bond between mother and daughter and Casey was a good mother. Even if you don’t believe she killed her baby you HAVE to believe her actions after prove her to be a horrible person. Who could do that to their baby’s body?

I cried because all these people – grandparents, Casey, attorneys, jurors – they’ll all be making money from the death of a little girl. It’s so wrong!

I cried for that little girl that no one cared to bury properly.

I cried for so many abused children that NO ONE cares about.

I cried for women who want so much to have a baby of their own to love and protect...but can't.

I cried because that bitch left her baby in the woods … yet can still choose to have another child and probably will.

I cried when I saw the following posted by Mommy Only Has 2 Hands: (only small part of post)

When your child is dead...

 you don't act like this three days later

I cried just looking at Casey Anthony’s face in this picture. How?  How can she be happy knowing her baby is dead in the woods?

Just when I stopped crying I came across this mother’s loss (Our Little Sweet Baby) and I started crying all over again.

Whatever your opinion on the verdict, if you feel little Caylee Anthony’s life should count for something, please sign this petition -

A missing child should never go unreported for 31 days again.

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April Decheine said...

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I am sick on the case as well :-(

Valene Marie said...

Makes me sick, and so sad. I'm having a hard time processing it and trying to understand. I am probably one of those women that "can't" and it hurts that others can throw away their own child, while there are others that want to love a child. She could have given me Caylee any day :(

Reasonably Less said...

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Sabrina said...

I didn't really follow the case so I know very little about the details but the thing that is really bothering me is that she is getting so much attention out of this. That poor baby should have never had to go through this and the fact that her mother is becoing a well known person because of such an awful thing makes me crazy.

I'm also a new follower from the blog hop, glad I found you!

~ Mona said...

Justing thinking of her little body in the woods start the tears - for ME a stranger.
I don't know how those responsible are not crazy with saddness let alone the guilt.

A Gracious Home said...

A great idea. Something is wrong with our system and it needs to be fixed. Doylene