Wednesday, July 6, 2011


What will her next move be? I see Casey Anthony making money from books, movies, interviews. She'll confess the truth… well, as she sees it. Maybe she’ll tell us how long she drove around with Caylee’s body in the back. She can confess it all with no consequences because she was found not guilty.

Did George Anthony have a role in the cover up? Remember his stay in the hospital? Was it from the stress of his missing granddaughter? Or was it the guilt of a HUGE lie?

Although, I believe Cindy Anthony knows the real truth now, I don’t think she knew it from the get go. If she had she wouldn’t have called 911 or mentioned Casey’s car smelling as if there had been a “dead body” inside. I think if she sat and thought back, she could recall if George had been acting strange, different than normal. Was he concerned about Caylee’s whereabouts during those 31 days? Or was he helping Casey make excuses for Caylee’s absence?

I am so livid over Casey Antony’s not guilty verdict.  Reasonable doubt - really?  Everyone wants forensic evidence…. Where’s the DNA? I say – where’s the common sense?

Casey Anthony is a liar – a fact. She threw out lie after lie until she came up with this early morning pool accident lie. Caylee was not found in pj’s or swimsuit. She was found with tape over her mouth. You don’t put tape over the mouth of a dead body. This was NOT an early morning pool accident.

Let’s say it was an accident (chloroform overdose is my guess and really is that an accident – who gives their kid chloroform?). Casey knew her baby was dead. So what did she do? Go out drinking, dancing, living it up. All the while she knew Caylee’s body was in the woods. No tears for her daughter. No tears for that loss of life. Her lack of total devastation is what makes me lean more to believing this was NOT an accident at all.

Why is DNA needed? Let’s use some common sense – this was not a teenager who left the house on their own. This was a 2 year old whose parent should know where they are at all times.

A little process of elimination shall we? Someone in that house is responsible for a little girl’s death otherwise police would have been called asap. Was it Cindy Anthony? I don’t think so, mostly because of her 911 call. Was it George? I don’t know. I’d have to know what his demeanor was during those 31 days.

It HAD to be Casey. She lied about Caylee’s whereabouts for 31 days. Why do people lie? Because they are hiding the truth. The truth is that little girl was dead and Casey knew it the whole time.

It’s disgusting! Disgusting how she can throw her baby’s body in the woods, be found not guilty and still have another child if she chooses.

Disgusting how the defense team thought it was appropriate to toast champagne and jump up and down in celebration. Especially after the whole, “There’s no winner here” speech. They’re entitled I hear people say. Vulgar, I say.

Disgusting how Casey Anthony loves the attention. After hearing “Not guilty” she seemed to smile then quickly held back and hauled out the fake tears… actually, no tears just that face. She will no doubt make tons of money from killing her baby.

She makes me sick!

The jury makes me sick! After the verdict the jury did not want to talk to the media. They quickly jumped on the bus and headed out of town. I don’t blame them. I would not want to show my face either.

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Valene Marie said...

Oh my goodness I agree with you on so many points! I've said many of the same things!!

Here’s my two cents…

I truly believe she had a hand in this, whatever it is that happened to her daughter. I personally would have found her guilty. Especially child neglect; if not reporting your daughter missing for 30 days when you are the sole caregiver is not child neglect, than I don’t know what is!

Having worked in forensic evidence and taking all my coursework (prior to teaching education) in criminal justice and forensics I can say that people/jurors expect some type of Hollywood CSI evidence and that’s just not how it is. Cases are often built and proven beyond a reasonable doubt with only circumstantial evidence, it wasn’t too long ago that, that is all we had. The defense has the job of trying to confuse the jurors and that is what they did. It was no longer “a reasonable doubt”, it turned into searching for a reason to doubt. They wanted DNA and more conclusive forensic evidence and because of that they choose not to use their brain and common sense to look at the big picture here.

In this case, for me, actions speak louder than words. This child was hurt, and the person/people responsible are not being held accountable. I definitely see Casey Anthony cashing in on this and becoming a "celebrity" as well as the jurors doing the same thing and exploiting the case. Even the smug and arrogant defense lawyers too!

Out of everyone's comments I've read and out of all my friends and family, I've only come across 3 people that believe the verdict was correct.. I've tried to understand their position but it doesn't make sense and if it doesn't make sense, it's not true.

So sad... so very sad.

chubskulit said...

I was stunned by the outcome of the trial too. As a mother myself, I don't think I could even sleep if I were her.

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

I too was disgusted... As a Christian, I know I should not have the feelings I have about this but it is hard not to. I did hear speculation that if they had NOT gone after the capital murder etc making it death penalty, maybe the jurors would have thought differently. Not sure that would have changed it and I am sorry.....only 11 hours to determine Casey Anthony was NOT guilty. That just sounds like NOT enuf time was spent thinking abou that poor little girl.

~ Mona said...

@Valerie - "not reporting your daughter missing for 30 days when you are the sole caregiver is not child neglect, than I don’t know what is!" You are right on!

@chubskulit I would have to be put in a padded room if something happened to one of my babies (now 16 & 19)

~ Mona said...

@ Kim I hear a juror is now regretting the verdict. A little too late.

redkathy said...

Mona, Not reporting the child missings... I had the exact same first thought. How could this jury hear all of the craziness surrounding this so called mother, know that she never reported her child missing, her mom made the report and not see abuse.

On top of that a mom who goes out and parties while her child is missing clearly is neglecting the child. I believe neglect to the extent of manslaughter at the very least. I could not have sat on that jury and allowed that verdict.

I wish the state could/would appeal!!!

~ Mona said...

@Kathy it's so crazy these people want "more evidence" When she obviously did not drown in a pool.
You're right. At the VERY least neglect.

Cori said...

O.M.G i can't agree more with you on this one!! just makes me so mad....

~ Mona said...

@Cori - I was so angry. Then I cried. It's all just so sad.

CinfulCinnamon said...

Hey good morning Mona. I'm stopping by from FYF. I followed the Anthony trial pretty closely when I could. Especially the last 3 weeks of it. And the one thing that really stuck out for me were the clothes that Caylee was found in. Like you said, not a swim suit, or pj's, but clothes that didn't really fit her anymore according to the testimony. When the prosecution brought up the fact that Cindy hadn't seen those clothes in a while, that told me that one thing was true. They were clothes that Casey kept in the car, maybe in a backpack or diaper bag. So that she'd always have a change of clothes when she spent the night at her boyfriends or whatever. That bitch didn't have a job, no nanny, nothing. So that tells me that poor little Caylee WAS an abused child. She probably had to sleep in the car (with or without chloroform to help her) whenever her mother wanted to party and couldn't get the grandparents to watch her. And it wasn't going to be long before Caylee would have been able to talk and tell everyone about things that were going on. Casey HAD to get rid of her.

I hope like hell that they are able to get the judgement against her that the prosecution is going to try to seek in regards to restitution for all the resources that Florida expended trying to help find Caylee. And I hope that NO ONE purchases ANYTHING that she does (movies, books, whatever) If they want to see similar entertainment, all anyone has to do is switch to the SyFy channel.

Have a great Friday.

singedwingangel said...

OH I did my vent the other day I think it is a crock of crap and I am fairly sure her life is in jeopardy from the moment she walks out of the jail house.

Boobies said...

I'm with all boils down to common sense..or lack thereof.

I used to sympathize with George & Cindy...until Cindy perjured herself and George was commenting on how beautiful Casey looked for her sentencing the other day. Are these people ALL mentally ill? I say yes!

Thanks for linking up!