Saturday, July 23, 2011

Monas Milestones

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Warning, full on rant ahead….
I feel as if someone is stabbing my uterus and bleeding like it too.

This heat is keeping me inside so Gman is off to make the dreaded purchase. I also requested a KitKat and bag (yes a bag) of Dove Milk Chocolate Promises.

Last night he heard me laughing and said he was glad I was out of my bad mood. C thinks I’m making excuses to eat chocolate. I let the comments bounce off because there is just NO WAY the testosterone in the house can ever understand.

It’s not a bad mood. It’s a shitty situation. I’m cramping. I’m bleeding a fountain of blood. My migraine is now out of the box with zero narcotics to control it. I’m nauseous, bothered by light, sound, smells. And they want me to cook, clean, while being sweet, smiley and wearing white like in the commercials?

All I want is to sit in a cool, dark, quiet room; light my candles and watch some feel good movies. I just might play the Sims 2 (pc) too – it’s been a long time.

So please, give me a break, give me some quiet and get me my chocolate… please and thank you.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I get migraines.  Only someone living with pain can understand all that is packed in that small sentence. Life doesn’t stop for pain and sometimes it feels that you’re always hurting. Even when you don’t tell people (mostly because you’re sick of it); you still wear the face of great discomfort.

I have many migraine triggers. Heat, humidity, and change in weather make the top of that list. That really bites because of the excessive heat warning we are under this week. Not to mention the thunderstorms of these past 2 weeks.

Keeping away from all other triggers is my main goal. Then the morning brings me #2 on my list – Hello Little Miss Period, is it that time already! Uuggghhhh!!!

Here I am in my room, behind closed dark curtains, keeping calm, cool and hoping to keep the pain away.

More Migraine Triggers:
  • Alcohol – I can’t drink anymore
  • Noise – loud tv, repetitive thumping
  • Smells – usually only a big deal when I’m already on my way to misery but if I’ve hit items on the list it moves things along that much quicker
  • Missing Meals – usually missing one meal doesn’t do it but forgetting to eat two in a row, I’m in trouble
  • Stress
  • Too much caffeine – I had to give up coffee years ago… still, crave it
  • Not enough caffeine
  • Too much sleep
  • Not enough sleep
  • Skipping preventative meds (not a cure just stops the everyday pain)
Are you living with chronic pain?  How do you deal with people who just don't understand?

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It’s been crazy HOT here in Michigan with dangerous heat and humidity. It’s been in the 90’s all week. We are actually under an excessive heat warning until 8PM on Friday night.

Today and tomorrow it is supposed to be the highest with the heat and humidity feeling as if it's 105-110, according to our weather guy.

Here's how we've kept oursleves cool in the past and present; most times with A/C one REALLY AWFUL time without.
  • Keep curtains and blinds closed so A/C doesn’t have to work as hard.
  • Drink lots of water – stay away from alcohol and sugar filled drinks.
  • Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing. Boys were usually in swim trunks or underwear (sorry, boys).
  • Spray bottles - let the kids go to town.
  • Cooler shower or bath - even if it's just to jump in and cool off.
  • Popsicles were always on hand.
  • Make our own shakes and smoothies.
  • Slushes – pour juice in small freezer safe cup and put in freezer for 10-15 min. take spoon and break up ice making an easy slush.
  • Let the kids play in the water sprinklers, water balloons, water guns (sunscreen a must). Kept boys out of the sun between 10am and 4pm – this is when the sun causes the most damage.
  • Icepacks – I used to buy cheap sponges ($ Store is great), slightly squeeze water out and put in freezer safe plastic baggie. I didn’t use rubbing alcohol – kids put everything in their little mouths. When frozen, wrap in a wash cloth and urge them to put on head, back of neck and face. I also did the same with wash cloths (squeezing water out) and just throwing them in freezer without the baggie.
  • I used to keep 2 – ½ gallon water jugs on counter. 1 with ice water and 1 with iced tea. This way we weren’t constantly going into the fridge opening and closing the door.
  • Keep easy things on hand – jello, fruit, veggies.  No one likes to think about cooking (much less eating) when it’s hot and miserable so I wouldn't cook much.  Sub sandwiches are great too.
As the heat goes up my patience level goes down... quick.  So, I would always try to express all the things we had to be grateful for and not let the heat get the best of us.

Hoping it doesn't get the best of you.  Stay cool, my blogging friends.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

There will be times in your life that you may not want advice but you should get it - especially when making BIG moves (moving, marriage, career, major purchases, etc).

Lay down your pride, research and get advice. Get advice from friends. Bounce ideas off co-workers. Get online and research.

Seeking or getting opinions doesn’t mean you have to take it. It means you’re being smart, sorting out information and making the best decision for you.

A MUST go to for advice are your parents. Not that we know it all. However, more than anyone else on earth we have your best interest at heart. Our guidance does not have a hidden agenda. We only want the very best for you. The last thing we want for you is to make a huge mistake.

I know it’s hard for you to take advice from us sometimes but really it’s not about us seeing you as little boys or us not having any faith or confidence in your judgment. It’s about you being smart, getting suggestions from people who love you with all that we are.

Although, I’ve said it a thousand times, I thought maybe I’d leave this here for you as another mommy reminder.
*** This post is just another note to my boys. ***

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Our oldest M graduated high school (valedictorian – sorry, had to brag) at 17. He wanted to move out immediately but I told him I didn’t think anyone would/could rent to a 17 yo. I also wanted him to stay home, concentrate on freshman year and save money.

Last fall he got his wish and moved into student housing.

He is now 19 and will be starting his junior year of college in the fall. (He’s in the top 15% in his class. Dean's List everytime – sorry, more bragging, I’m a proud Momma)

Last Tuesday he called out of the blue and asked if I wanted to go out to dinner with him.

High School Picture
 I was really nervous. This is not something he does… well, ever done. So many things ran through my head: Is he moving? Is he going to be a daddy? (last I knew he wasn’t seeing anyone) Is he quitting school? (I couldn’t see that, this is his thing) Maybe he wanted to move back home… now THAT would be great news.

The males in the house highly disagreed. The 16yo, C, told me to stop over thinking stuff. It’s been known to happen.

M came by Wednesday to pick me up. I was a little nervous. I asked him if there was something he wanted to talk about. He said no. He just wanted to have dinner.

It was all good. We had a nice long talk. Shared some laughs. It felt REALLY good.

As he got ready to go, he gave me a hug, letting go way too soon, but I’ll take what I can get.

Then it hit me. I need to build new rules for my little family. I need to have us all get together at least once a week – MANDATORY. I’m running this past them in the hopes that they will give me this one. I don’t ask for much. I’m pretty easy to please. I’d rather have hugs from them then any gift. They know this.

NOTHING in my life feels as good as just being with my little family….except having it grow with grandchildren. Unfortunately for me (great for them) it won’t be for a long time.

BTW, sorry, for all the bragging. I have to do it here. In my everyday life I rarely mention these things because I want to stay humble. I’m always telling my boys, “Stay humble or God will do it for you and you won’t like the way He does it”.

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