Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thanks, Dad

My parents divorced when I was seven... although they still couldn't decide whether or not they wanted to be together.... which meant moving back and forth from state to state, school to school.

Through all that, my dad stayed in contact.  It wasn't easy back in the day... before Facebook, blogs, the Internet and cell phones.  Still, somehow, we always knew he loved us.

It would have been easy for him to turn his back and never look back but he didn't. 

Dad, thanks for being there and thanks for all your advice

Love you, Dad!

3 Friends Commented:

Terri said...

I'm really glad your dad didn't turn his back too. I was blessed with two great "dads" and a heavenly "Father".

LisaWeidknecht said...

Thanks for participating in the Planet Weidknecht Sunday Hop! I hope you will come join us again next Sunday. ~Lisa

Beth Zimmerman said...

What a blessing that you can look back and remember him being there ... no matter what!