Friday, June 17, 2011

School’s Out for Summer

Our last day of school before summer vacation was last week.
It’s always bitter sweet. It’s sad seeing our 5th graders for the last time – knowing next school year they will be in a different building. It’s also REALLY busy – printing certificates, finishing and packing away all the paperwork from the year. Packing away all my junk (as I never know if there will be a job for me in the fall).

Then the bell rings and the students leave with smiles on their faces and long summer days on their minds.

Working with children does warm my heart … and make me miss those times with my boys.

It always makes me feel good when a middle / high schooler see me – at work or in town – and stop me to say “hi”. If you’ve ever worked or lived with one of these creatures you know how gross it is for them to talk to an old person. So when they go out of their way to stop me… it really feels good.

There is zero job security. No chance I’ll ever have an overflow of $$$ in the bank.

Still, I do work with some really great people (2 or 3 not so great) and have the best boss ever.... but I wouldn't mind having that cash problem. 

6 Friends Commented:

Lucy said...

Teaching is rewarding and now you need to enjoy the summer it is the only perk you get since you know teaching has never been known for high salaries LOL

Beth Zimmerman said...

I couldn't do it but bless those who do! I'd like to try riches on for size one of these days myself!

More Milestones said...

Thanks for stopping by, Ladies.
I'm not a teacher but I am one kick ass Attendance Clerk.
: )

Karen and Gerard said...

I teach 5th grade boys in S.S. and love it when they still talk to me when they get into Jr. High and High School.

I think that would be a bit nerve wrecking to not know if you have a job in the fall or not. hope you do!

More Milestones said...

I will be starting my 11th school year in the fall... I hope. Because of budget cuts you never know... I'm sure you know how that is... the cuts anyway.

Terri said...

That's sweet of the kids. Our schools go year round, so they start back next month.