Sunday, June 12, 2011

Reasonable Doubt

It’s been proven Casey Anthony is a liar:

• She said she didn’t know where her daughter, Caylee, was.  Lie – she now says the toddler died in the family pool – probably a lie too.

• She said Zanny, the nanny, had the 2 year old.  Lie – It’s been proven that Zanny the nanny never existed.

• Casey said the only reason she was doing the club thing was to find leads on Caylee.  Lie – She knew the whole time where that little girl was.

• She had the police take her to Universal Studios (I can’t remember why).  Crazy Ass Lie – She either never worked there or hadn’t worked there in a very long time.

• She had police take her to a building she said the nanny lived.  Lie – It was a retirement home and the nanny never existed.

Defense team says:
• There’s no way to prove the dead body of the two year old was ever in Casey’s car.
• No DNA to prove who put tape on Caylee’s mouth.
• No way to tell who was searching “how to make chloroform”, "Zenaida-Fernandez Gonzalez " (fake nanny name), etc. using the family computer.

While watching the Today Show (Meredith Vieira’s last day – I’ll miss you Meredith. Congrats Ann Curry – Love you!)…

Anyway, these attorneys were talking about how this story (Caylee’s body being found in the family pool by George Anthony) could be a planned defense by the team and family. Casey Anthony blames her dad, George Anthony. George blames Casey. Each creating “reasonable doubt” and they both stay out of jail.

All this talk of reasonable doubt has me wanting to scream.

Common sense says Casey Anthony is a liar.

Casey knew her daughter was dead and yet she didn’t grieve. She went out living it up.

Why? Because she was happy, relieved, free. Not sad. Not remorseful. Not broken, in pieces on the floor.

Instead Casey acted like someone hiding a crime – telling lies, putting blame on others (her dad made her cover up Caylee’s death).  Making excuses (molested by dad and brother).

She wasn’t the only person ever molested. I was molested too. I didn’t kill my kids. (more on that later… maybe)

I don’t like her father, George Anthony, but I don’t think there is proof that he knew anything about little Caylee’s death. We don’t know his actions during that 30 day period. Only Cindy Anthony, his wife, can think back and recall if he was acting differently.

Cindy Anthony’s 911 call proves she did not know her granddaughter was dead (at the time). She wouldn’t have mentioned her daughter’s car or it smelling as if a “dead body” had been in it.  Did she know after?  I think she knows the real truth now.

I think Caylee's dead body was in Casey's car - even Cindy knows that (deep down inside). 

I also believe that Casey put the tape on Caylee's mouth while she was still alive.  There was also a sticker on the tape over the mouth - I can't imagine anyone taking the time to put a sticker on the tape... except a mom who felt bad about putting the tape on in the first place.

Searches on the family computer - I think were done by Casey Anthony.  No one else lied about having known this "Zanny" woman.  Chloroform was found in Casey's car.

They better put this scumbag in jail. At the very least she has admitted to knowing her daughter was dead and covering it up.

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amazey said...

I have been following this story right from the beginning since it was featured on Nancy Grace (who I love!). We all know Casey is lying and I really want to see her take the stand. I would love to see those lies coming out of her mouth when she is under oath. That way when she gets proven guilty she will know her lies where what put her there. If she doesn't get proven guilty...well we all know that is a bunch of BS.

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

YOu are stating what I have been thinking. How said this is even going on so long after the poor little girl died. Thanks for voicing your opinion....

More Milestones said...

It just angers me how a person like this (unfortunately there are many) just throw their babies away, abuse, neglect etc. and there are many women/parents out there who would give anything to have child.

Cindy said...

This seems to bother you as much as me! As a mother, of course the most unfathomable crime is one against your own child. There are women who are legitimately sick, and in extreme cases (like Post pardom psychosis) they are killing their kids for their own good. (like I said, sick) but this chick? I don't even think she is sick... just evil!

More Milestones said...

Cindy, I agree. Remember Andrea Yates? She was sick. A total wreck. I felt really bad for her - and still think her husband should have done some time too.

Casey Anthony - compulsive liar, selfish and smug.

Beth Zimmerman said...

This whole story makes me so sad! No matter who did what to Casey ... it wasn't okay to take it out on an innocent child.

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

I have not been following the story but from what I gather, even if the girl had died in the pool, they had the body in the car. She was out clubbing and living it up while her daughter was already dead, and she knew it. That is disgusting. I hope she is convicted.

I am visiting from the Say Hi Sunday blog hop. It is nice to "meet" you. Have a great week!

LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

LisaWeidknecht said...

Congratulations! I've awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award!

S.I.F. said...

This whole story makes me sick. :(

Terri said...

I hope Casey gets what she deserves. So sad and tragic.

More Milestones said...

It is sad. And what's up with Casey's parents? I've never seen people in so much denial.

Linda @ USSParenting said...

It just sickens me to know that someone can show no shame or remorse for their actions. How did they get this way? Its all so very sad and tragic.