Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saying Something

I think I dream way more than the average person - well, at least a whole lot more than Gman and the boys.  I remember at least one dream a night, sometimes more.  Here's one from the other night:

M had been acting weird so I confronted him.  He confessed that he was addicted to heroin (remember, just a dream).  Gman and I told him he needed to go in for treatment but he was set against it so we physically attacked him.  We held him down, taped up his ankles and arms to his sides and took him to the hospital.

They put him in a coma to lessen the effects of withdrawal. 

As we sat watching him on a tv monitor his friend (from high school in my dream) got upset and started crying.  This angered me because I felt he helped M down that road.  I punched him in the face and started yelling at him to get himself together or he would be in the bed next to M.

So maybe this dream IS telling me something.  I wanted to talk to M today but felt kinda silly after he showed me his recent grades.... I guess I'll wait until next weekend. 

Do you remember your dreams?

2 Friends Commented:

Terri said...

Every once in awhile I remember my dreams.

More Milestones said...

I have some real dozies, let me tell ya.