Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Khloe & Lamar

So, you know I love TV - reality, soaps, ID (Investigation Discovery), E!, MTV, Bravo, yada, yada.

I can't drink (migraines).  I don't smoke. I curse (way too much - I'm working on it) and watch all things TV... and now I blog - Everyone needs a hobby. 

Anyway, I've been watching the Kardashians on E! for years.  Khloe Kardashian has always been my favorite.  She's beautiful, confident, funny and loves her family fiercely.

Now, I enjoy watching Khloe and Lamar on E! 

Lamar Odom has his own money.  His own fame.  Khloe clearly loves him and wants to look out for him - keeping those away who just want a free ride.

I can't stand it when people say or write saying Khloe is fat.  She is not fat.  She is tall, People.  I love it when she tells them all to fuck off. 

Many couples have split after doing a reality TV show:  Nick and Jessica, Whitney and Bobby, The Hogans, The Gosselins, Dave and Carmen... even Paris and Nicole went their separate ways.

I just hope these two stay off that list... along with Gene and Shannon.

Does this stuff suck you in too?  Come on, I know I'm not the only one watching. 

2 Friends Commented:

Sherri said...

i love gene & shannon! i don't watch any of the others... but family jewels is fabulous... mostly because i love seeing gene simmons as a "normal" guy lol

More Milestones said...

Yes, I love Family Jewels. Gene is really a great guy.