Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Is My Problem?!!

So, here it is my last day of Spring Break.  Where did I go?  Nowhere but that's ok - I'm pretty much a home body.  What did I do?  Nothing.  Now that's a HUGE problem.

My biggest sin - sloth. 

I wanted to organize my closet but then thought, "You know, it really isn't that bad". 

I wanted to get on the treadmill everyday but then thought a nap sounded better.

I wanted to clean the carpets but then decided Sims 2 on my pc would be more fun.

I planned on going into the office one day to tie up loose ends but then thought about how no one sees how much I put into my work and even the secretary herself is out of town so why should I put in more effort than she does.  ((( ugly thoughts, I know - I should do it for no one but myself and my love for my job )))

What is my problem!  I'm sick of my food addiction!  I'm sick of my procrastination!  So today, I forced myself out of bed at 6:30 and made it to an early Mass.

I pray God will help me out of my funk.  Please Dear Lord help me cross things off my lists (yup, more than one - I'm a list girl)  Help me put in my mouth only enough food to fuel my body. 

Really, why can't I hate cherry cheesecake?  Just saying.

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burr said...

Sloth is my biggest sin too. Or procrastinating.

Everytime I need to do something productive, I always find something more appealing to do with less effort.