Monday, April 4, 2011

Stop Complaining

Whether at work, the store, even in my own home... people complain far too much.  Why?  So your desk is full of work that needs to get done, the grocery line is long, the Internet is slow, you car needs more work.  Is any of that really worth flipping out about?

I'm guilty of complaining too, but this post is actually a reminder to my boys.  I'm always telling them to be grateful for everything in their lives - good or bad. 

Life can always be better - it can always be worse.   There will always be those who will have more than you.  There will always be those who have less. 

Believe me.  Your heart will feel SO much better when you start looking at the bright side of that ugly situation.

Be grateful for everything in your life.  Why would God bless you with anything more when you are so ungrateful for all He has already given you.

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cooperl788 said...

This is so true! It's so cathartic when we finally let go of all the preconceived ideas about what we think we should have and start being grateful for the gifts God has already given us. As my priest says, "It's best to live in the now and celebrate right where you are."

sandbox gems said...

This was a perfect reminder and we all need that sometimes! Right now my son is struggling to be "thankful" for the palate expander and braces on his teeth! I keep reminding him he will be thankful someday when his teeth are straight! Ha Ha! Have a great day!

Kenda said...

New follower from TopMommyBlogs - come by and say hello!

melody-mae said...

i found you from thankful thursday and i must say I could not be happier!!! Now follower. This post says exactly how I feel...totally loved this post!


Jess said...

Visiting from Thankful Thursday and I just posted similar sentiments - though written to myself! Life is better when you choose joy over complaints, isn't it?

Count it all joy!

Sylvia Phillips said...

Visiting from Undeserving Grace- lovely words! i am now following you and hope you will visit me and follow too!