Sunday, January 2, 2011


Damn Bravo.  They had a huge The Real Housewives marathon during my Christmas vacation.  I really had no interest in the show - never watched.  It was only on for noise - I didn't really even know what channel was on.  Then before I knew it I was hooked! 

I LOVE Kyle!  She seems the most normal - which is weird when you know her background.  Lisa is great too - love her accent.

Train Wreck Alert:  Camille Grammer - what a total NUT JOB!  She's so insane she actually believes her own bullshit.  Everything about this chick drives me nuts.

Still, I can't wait for the newest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Thursday.

2 Friends Commented:


I am right there with ya! I accidentally became addicted a few years ago to the OC housewives and had no interest in getting sucked into the BH girls but late one night, couldn't sleep, and it happened.
That Camille is so crazy and looks sorta like a cockerspaniel.
I blogged about it one day cuz I couldn't get it out of my mind..but never pushed POST. It is still sitting in my drafts.
What night do they come on next? I gotta see the new episode!!

More Milestones said...

Housewives of NYC - is coming in February... Jill the other nut job.

Beverly Hills has a new eposide Thursday.