Tuesday, October 19, 2010

They Should Know

I work at an elementary school.  I love my co-workers (although there are 2 or 3 I could do without).  Within this past week co-workers have lost family members.  Brother & sister lost their uncle.  Mr. P lost his father.  I feel so awful for them and I just don't know how to express that to them.

I'm klutzy and clumsy and I'm always inserting both feet in this huge mouth of mine.  So now when things REALLY count... what do I say?  How do I say it?

I didn't want to talk to Mr. P at school.  I didn't want him to lose it in front of his students.  So I sent him an email to let him know I care about him and I was thinking of him and his family.  He missed one day of work but came in the next day.  In a way I was surprised but then again when Gman was in the hospital, working kept my mind off worrying.

I did tell the other teacher (on the phone) I was sorry for her loss.  However, I didn't tell her brother.  He doesn't even know I know.  I think I purposely didn't say anything to him because I was hoping to keep his mind from thinking and being sad.  We work closely together and I didn't want him to feel sad and feel that he needed to talk about it.

What I really wish I could do for each of them is hug them, cry with them and let them know how much I love each of them.  They are such good people.  I enjoy the company of each.  I value their presence in my life.  I value their opinion.

I want them to know how very heartbroken I am for them... but every time I open my mouth to reach out and say something loving and supportive.... here come those dang feet! 

I feel like such an idiot.

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Rebecca Burgener said...

This is one of those times when we truly can't help, and our most comforting words hurt.

Praying for you as you try to be a good and caring friend.

More Milestones said...

Thanks so much.
I think I know what I have to do. I'll write more on that soon.