Tuesday, October 12, 2010

OK, So He's Not Romantic

I love Gman.  We've been together for almost 21 years; married for 16. 

The one thing I would like is for him to be a little more romantic.  Who am I kidding with the "little more".  He is NOT romantic at all.  I've told him many times I wish he would try to put in a little effort to do something sweet and romantic... but no.

I'm a pretty easy woman to please.  I don't whine about Valentine's Day, anniversaries or whatever.  I don't expect roses and diamonds at every turn.  But you know, I expected something different for my 40th birthday.  I expected the unexpected.  I wanted to be wowed and swept off my feet by his romantic gesture.

Instead I got a cake and a bag of Dove chocolates.  He then took me to pick out a laptop. 

No surprises.  No red ribbons.  No cards or letters written with words of love and romance.

I'm a little bummed.  The girlie girl inside me so wants to be romanced, wooed.

He's a good man.  A good father.  A good husband.  I'm lucky to have this wonderful man in my life.  So I won't bitch about it ....but still...

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4 Friends Commented:

Vicki said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Some men just don't have a romantic bone in their bodies. Sad but true!

sherri said...

Happy Birthday Mona! Coach isn't romantic either... he's wonderful and does stuff all the time to show me he loves me...like fixing the house, including me in his man stuff, lots of hugs/kisses...but not so good at the surprise things like cards, notes, never flowers.... he was trained so well in every other area though!

Rebecca Burgener said...

We all hope for a little more romance, but it's good that you are thankful for all his good qualities as well.

More Milestones said...

Yup, I overlook his lack of sweet surprises because of all the other wonderful things he does.