Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Give a Damn

Too many young people killing themselves.  It's such a waste of of life. 

To them I say:  So your gay.  So your bullied.  So you feel you just can't face another day.  Well, you are not alone.  There are people who care.  There are people who have walked in your shoes.  Life is not all bad.  There will be good times.  There will also be the worst times ever.  DON'T GIVE UP!!!

Killing yourself is the easy way out.  It proves NOTHING.  It's cruel to those you leave behind.  It's cruel to those you love and who love you. 

Why do people feel the need to judge and hurt anyone who differs from them?  Whether the person is gay, a different color, dresses different... what gives ANYONE the right to judge?  

Those people loudly demonstrating their disapproval at a young man's funeral - SHAME ON YOU!!  Have some class, some empathy, some compassion.

For those who just can't stand someone's cloths, the color of their skin, the people they love...keep it to yourself.  Why waste your days being angry at total strangers?  You will never change them.  Your hate adds nothing good to this world.  It adds nothing good to your life.

Anger is contagious.  Hate is ugly.  

Releasing the anger and hate leaves more room in your heart for love and happiness. 

So live the life YOU want to live.  Love.  Be loved.  Be happy.

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4 Friends Commented:

Rebecca Burgener said...

Suicide is a total heartbreaking waste. I have been suicidal myself, and I hate to think of all the things I would be missing.

If things are that rough for anyone, know this: The world needs you. You have a purpose. Seek it out.

More Milestones said...

Well said.

I think we have all gone through those times of doubt and thoughts of suicide - at least I have too.

Those times do pass. People are more loved than they know.

I hope and pray those in that dark place will push through those bad times just as we did.

Dawn said...

Man, I'm trying to write a comment and my mind is going every direction. I am so saddened by these events too. I'm sharing and teaching my children as well. It often begins at home. Teaching love and compassion. Teaching about lifestyles different than ours, yet we are all the human beings. People with feelings, people who hurt like us, people who have joy like us. People who deserve to be treated as we would want to be treated.

My heart is also saddened thinking about the ones who have this hatred inside themselves. What an awful way to live.

More Milestones said...

Dawn, you are so right. It does start at home. It sounds like you are adding a bit of good to this world by raising your children with love and compassion.
Wouldn't it be great if more parents did the same. What a world that would be.