Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fighting the Phobia

After Mr. P's father passed away, I knew I should go to the funeral.  I mean, I didn't know his father or anything but I felt I needed to be there for him.  I wasn't sure how I was going to make that happen because of my freak fear.

While at work I called a co-worker/classmate/friend (Leslie) to talk about work and the subject of Mr. P came up.  We both wanted to be there for him.  She didn't know if she could work it out (she's a teacher) and I have this embarrassing personality problem.

After she was able to work out her schedule (having another teacher watch her class), I swallowed my pride and fessed up with my social problem.

It was a great move.  She was SO helpful. 

On the way to the visitation we had a great talk.  When we got there she stepped out in front; smiling, shaking hands, giving hugs and condolences.  I smiled, gave hugs and let her do the talking.  When Mr. P, Leslie and I were alone all felt good (with my panic anyway).

I am so glad God laid out the steps for me to call Leslie.  I would not have been able to show my support to Mr. P without her supporting me.  I most likely would have backed out with yet another excuse.

It meant a lot to him that we were there.  It meant a lot to me that Leslie helped me fight the phobia.

God and friends - the best way to help you out of a funk.

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