Monday, August 23, 2010

A Parent's Wish

C will be getting his driver's license soon.  I don't know if my nerves can take it.  I still feel uneasy when M pulls out of the driveway.

The worst part is trying to give them advice:  "I know, Mom"; "I can take care of myself, Mom"; "I can handle it, Mom".  UGGGHHHH!!!!  It drives me nuts!  No, Son, you don't know.  You may be able to handle it but just take our advice will ya?

What is it about testosterone that makes them feel so damn invincible?

I've told these boys (too many times to count) we love them more that anything.  More than anyone on earth, we have their very best interest at heart.  With us there are zero ulterior motives.  All we wish for them is to be happy, healthy and at peace in their lives.

Yeah, go ahead and listen to friends.  Get their input/perspective on the given situation.  However, please keep in mind, we are the only ones who will ALWAYS be there for you no matter what.  The advice we give you is only to keep you safe from harm and bad choices.
Our boys take our advice as criticism but if we didn't care we wouldn't try so damn hard to keep them on the right path.  I just hope one day they will look back, know and feel 100% in their heart how much we love them.

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