Monday, August 16, 2010

In Sickness - part 1

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Sunday, September 7, 2008:

As a few of you know we've had a rough week.

Gman got really sick Wednesday night. He finally went to see the doctor Friday morning. He was sent to the hospital for testing and ended up needing surgery Saturday morning. He is still in the hospital today and will definitely be there through Monday. After Monday it just depends on his body and progress. He has been up out of bed, walked down the hall and sat in a chair for a while.

The cause…Meckel's diverticulum. (the following was taken from
Meckel's diverticulum is a congenital pouch (diverticulum) approximately two inches in length and located at the lower (distal) end of the small intestine.

It is located about 2 ft from the end of the small intestine, is often about 2 in in length, occurs in about 2% of the population, is twice as common in males as females, and can contain two types of ectopic tissue-stomach or pancreas. Many who have a Meckel's diverticulum never have trouble but those that do present in the first two decades of life and often in the first two years. (end of quote)
Addition:  That extended part had flipped over the intestine, tightening causing everything to be backed up.

Gman is still in pain. It hurts to see my rock, my funny nutty husband be in this condition. Thank you, P (my sis-in-law) for being there for us. Not only for your medical knowledge but also for being there for my breakdown.

And as I always say… "Be grateful for everything,".. even the ugly stuff. I'm grateful for the doctors and staff that took such good care of Gman. I'm grateful for my mom-in-law (R) and P. I'm grateful that my kids were safe and healthy while all this was going on. I'm grateful to have a vehicle to get me to and from the hospital. I'm grateful to my friends and family. I'm grateful Gman will make a full recovery. I'm grateful for our Lord Jesus Christ who carried us through these very worrisome days.
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