Monday, August 9, 2010

I Don't Like Change

My dad was great.  He always kept a job.  We always had a roof over our heads.  He didn't abuse drugs or alcohol.  He raised us to work hard, be responsible and respectful.  Even when my mother packed us up and moved to another state, he stayed in touch... which wasn't easy in the days before emails, blogs and text messages.

My mother did not have a good marriage role model.  She also has a sister who has always been miserable and loves the company she gets from my mother.  So when things got tough, my mother would pack us up and move us out.  She would then play hard to get until my dad came back making more promises.  She'd then pack us up again and move back to another state.

We moved SO much.  We were dragged from one school to the next.  I went from Kindergarten to 4th grade without having stayed a full school year in the same school.  Finally, in the 5th grade, I made it through one entire school year at the same school.  I actually stayed there through the 7th grade only to be moved in the middle of 8th grade to another school.  

During high school I was lucky enough to only go to two different high schools.  I started off in Ohio and moved to Michigan in the middle of my sophomore school year.  I actually got to finish out those years in the same school.

So you can see from the get go, I've been on the move.  So to this day, I hate change.  Just the thought of losing our home and moving again sends me into a mental breakdown.  Even if we won the lotto, I would love nothing better then to stay right here.  Right were I've spent the most happiest days of my life - with Gman, our boys and the Dobe.

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