Sunday, August 29, 2010

His Gift to Me

We all have times in our past that we are ashamed or embarrassed about.  This is one of those times for me.

I was forced to be an adult early in life.  I've been working every since the summer when I was 14.  From the time I was 16 my mother made me purchase my own cloths (including school cloths).  Shortly after I turned 18 (while just beginning my senior year of high school) I was out on my own.

I had our first son (M) three weeks before my 21st birthday.  At 23 I got married - I was four months pregnant with our second son (C).  I had him one month after I turned 24.  It was no secret I was a pregnant bride, everyone knew.  I always imagine everyone taking bets as we took our vows.  (Joke is on them)

I did everything so fast.  I also had a mini mid-life meltdown early.  I was only in my late 20's.  Those were rough times in our marriage, tough times in my life.

Although I had a full time job, I felt useless.  I felt I was losing myself.  I was no longer Mona, one fun awesome hilarious chick.  I was now Gman's wife and mother to M and C.  I felt so lost and Gman just did not understand.

I started drinking (a lot - migraines would soon stop that).  One day I bellied up to the bar to drink my sorrows away.  An older man (late 50's) was sitting a bar stool away from me with a friend.  We got to talking.  He said he and his wife were in town (from FL) to celebrate their anniversary with family.  He also told me he almost didn't marry because he was going to became a priest.

He asked me about my life and why I was there all by myself.  I told him some of my "stuff" (which I honestly can't remember any specifics).  He then told me he had once felt depressed and alone too.  He said he met a man then who counseled him and gave him something.  He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a rosery (similar to the one in the picture). 

He said he had been carrying it in his pocket for the last 20yrs and now he wanted me to have it.  I didn't want to take it but he put it in my hand, holding it with both his and closed my hand around the rosery.  He then told me there were answers but I would not find them sitting on that stool.  I cried, hugged him and left.

Although I never saw Bill again - I still remember his name - he changed my life.

I still carry that rosery with me, waiting for the time I can change a young person's life too.
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