Sunday, August 8, 2010

From the Beginning

My mother tells me I was conceived in Florida.  I was born in North Carolina on a military base (my father was a Marine).  I grew up in Ohio when my parents were together.  In Michigan when they were apart.

My mother was 19; my dad 21.  I gotta hand it to my dad.  He was young and handsome with the whole world in front of him.  Still, he always had a job, was always financially responsible and always stayed in our lives - something my mother did not make easy for him.

I think my mother had an unrealistic view of marriage being happily ever after.  Her parents were divorced so she learned when things got tough - get the hell out.  She also listened more to her siblings and mother then to her own heart.

I was seven when my mother was pregnant for the second time with my brother (JP).  One day (while pregnant) she left me with the neighbor and went to spy on my dad during his lunch hour.  She saw him sitting with a woman, eating lunch at a picnic table. 

She picked me up, packed up the car and off we went to Michigan before my dad got home from work.  This was just one of many, many times my mother's immaturity got in the way of her happiness.

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eof777 said...

Hi Mona,
Love your blog and the rich posts and colors you use here. I followed you from SITS and would love to extend a warm hug and prayers.
I grew up believing that the world is richer when we support our friends in need. How may I help? Send me a Twitter DM and I will respond. @positive_kismet or @ElizObihFrank
You are in my prayers,

Visions Of Purpose said...

I am a new follower of your blog. Thank you for sharing apart of your life with us.

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing your posts with us...Your blogs are really interesting to read and know more..