Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Embarrassing But It's My Job

I've always told our boys I am their first teacher.  Actually, I haven't handed that job over to anyone (for more than a school year) as I am still teaching them.

Our most recent on going discussion is about random sex... well, sex in general: 

~  If a random girl is having sex with you she's obviously done this before with someone else, don't sleep with someone you don't know.  She can regret or perceive an act as rape - so again - make sure you have known her for some time.

~  No means NO.  Even if her body is saying maybe or heck yeah... If "No" or "Wait a minute" comes out of her mouth at any time - STOP even if she changes her mind.

~  Don't have sex with someone (especially for the first time) if she is under the influence - it's hard to tell (especially if you are under the influence) if she is a willing participant or if she'll even remember the next day.  You could be accused of a sex crime.
~  Wrap it up (use condoms) even if a girl says she's on the pill - you are responsible for you. 

~  If a girl becomes pregnant you need to respect and support her - no matter what her decision may be.  I too will be supportive. (although my wish would be to keep and raise the baby - even if I have to do it myself - I can't wait to be a grandmother).

~  When you take a girl out - you are responsible for getting her home safely (this also means safe from herself as well).

~  Most of all be a gentleman.  Be responsible.

These discussions have been uncomfortable for all of us but if I don't talk to them about these subjects who will?  No one on earth will ever care about their well being as much as I do so I need to have these discussions - no matter how uncomfortable... my boys are worth the embarrassment.
We are doing our best to raise the best young men possible.  They are fortunate to have many awesome men in their lives to look up to:  Gman, my dad, dad-in-law, JP, B (brother-in-law).  These are all such wonderful men, husbands, fathers.  I hope our boys will follow in their footsteps.

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Love Never Fails said...

I love this. Thanks for sharing, so it will come in handy someday for my boys. I'm so glad they're only 5.5 yo & 19 mos right now :-)

eof777 said...

Definitely, this is invaluable information/advice. I dont have sons but would gladly share with friends who do.
Hope you're are doing well...