Saturday, August 21, 2010

Deal Breakers

As I've said before, marriage is not all romance and roses.  So here are some things that Gman does that annoy me:
  • He leaves his socks where ever he takes them off - along with his work cloths... well, any cloths.
  • He is a major pack rat.
  • He imitates voices on TV and he thinks he's good at it - not.
  • He does not pick up his toenail clippings.
  • He leaves hair in the sink after he shaves - he
    shaves his head too so there's a lot of hair.
  • He complains way too much - a glass half empty kind of guy.
  • He uses my car and leaves me on empty.
  • He changes the radio settings in my car.
  • He won't let me drive his car.
  • He is so NOT romantic.
  • His side of the closet is a mess - I've given up trying to keep it organized.
I'm sure there's more.  These are just the ones that come to mind.  Notice I didn't list my annoying habits.  That's because he rarely mentions them... as I rarely mention his to him.  This is what I mean about letting go of the little things.  Really, are any of these things (even together) worth leaving this man?  NO.

My Deal Breakers:  Abuse (physical or mental) to me or our children, drug or alcohol abuse, refusal to work and support his family financially.

What are your marriage tips?  What are your deal breakers?

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Lisa Madden Bass said...

Wow, Mona...are we living the same man? These are the very same issues I deal with! Oh, well, no amount of "Excuse me, but could you please...?" is going to change the man!
I am giving your blog an award, so please go to my blog, to read about it!

Be blessed,