Friday, August 6, 2010

Counting My Blessings

I am grateful for everything God has given me.  I am very blessed.
  • I have a great husband (Gman) who does not abuse drugs or alcohol.
  • Gman is a great father.
  • Our boys (M & C) are smart, funny, responsible, healthy young men.
  • Our dog (Tyson) is sweet and protective.
  • I have a supportive father and brother.
  • My in-laws (every single one of them) are great people.
  • We both have jobs when so many do not.

  • We still have our home... and even if we don't someday, I will ALWAYS be grateful for this home.
  • Gman gave me a heads up about losing online access so I'm scheduling as many posts as possible.                                          
  • Thank you, Lord for giving me a positive outlook on life to get me through the rough times.

  • Who knows, maybe those reading this (going through tough times of their own) will find the silver lining in their own situation... or at the very least, feel less alone.
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3 Friends Commented:

40 said...

I'm so sorry you are going through tough times, Mona. Did you ever consider signing up for dial-up? I know it's slow but it's something. Netzero and Juno are still around for free (10 hours) or $9.99 unlimited.

Julie Jabbers said...

If it wasn't for God helping get me thru the peaks and valleys, I wouldn't be sane.
I'm glad he's helping you keep your focus positive. I like the saying, "When things get to the bottom, don't forget to look up"
I will pray you find a way to save or reconnect to your blog soon.

sherri said...

it stinks to have to go thru these times... i've been there MANY times... and i'm sure one day i will be back there again...

when i don't have internet, i go to the public library.. they have free internet access there.... kept me from being too depressed... and i checked out lots of books to read to occupy my mind