Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Because She Needed Me

During the holidays of my sophomore year of high school, my parents started having trouble again.  My mom took off to spend the weekend in Michigan with her family.  Only she did more then hang out - she met and slept with some guy she never laid eyes on before.

She came back home and all was well... until she discovered she was pregnant.  (The creep guy told her he couldn't have kids - the first of countless lies)  So in the middle of my sophomore year she moved.  This time, I would not be going with her.

I stayed with my dad.  It was just the two of us until the day my mom called upset.  She said she needed me.  JP was 10, she was pregnant and she needed my help.  So I gave in and she was on her way to get me.  The one thing I regret was not telling my dad right away.  I hurt him.

My mother didn't help the situation by bringing her baby's daddy with her to pick me up.  I'm sure that was even more hard for my father... and still he stayed in my life.  He really is a good man.

That August we welcomed my new baby brother, JL.  He is 17 yrs younger than me.  My mother was out of it for a couple of weeks after having him.  She slept on the couch.  I slept on the floor beside her with JL in a bassinet nearby.  I got up in the middle of the night to feed him, change him and hold him until he went back to sleep.  He was the best little doll ever.
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Kelly said...

Wow!!! I guess we all have our crazy life stories, and they all pile up and put us to where we are now. Thanx for sharing.