Friday, July 16, 2010

Who's Reading Your Blog?

Who do you write for?  Do you know your audience?  Maybe you're like me and you completely forget who is reading your blog.

When I post I'm a little selfish.  I type what I'm thinking.  I write for me.  I write my thoughts.  I really never stop to think of which family or friends may be reading.  

Sure, I've written a letter to oldest son.  I've even written a note at the end of a post to my dad.  Do I really think they're reading?  No.  (At least I didn't until earlier this week when my dad mentioned that he thinks I'm a "great writer" - so cool)

I've told tons of family and friends about my blog.  No one has really said anything about what I've written.  I know for sure of one cousin who won't be reading.

As I read my first post I wondered what my family would think if they read it.  I wonder.... if everyone I've told, read my blog.... would it change the way they feel about me?  What would shock them the most?

Mostly I feel I'm an open book. I can't imagine anything really shocking anyone.  I guess the only thing that would really shock anyone are the times I get down.  I'm mostly an optimistic person.  When things do get me down I have those very few go-to-people (and now this blog) I vent or cry to.

My blog is my journal.  As I rant, observe and post, I'm sure to stick my foot in my mouth.  (believe me, I do it all the time)  So I'm making my apologies now.... what can I say, I'm a dork but I'm also a really great chick!

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4 Friends Commented:

sherri said...

I do very much the same thing. I write for myself. I too am selfish. And I think it's okay to be this way. My blog is my journal. I used to keep handwritten journals...all my life I have. But being the nerd that I am, blogging replaced handwriting. My family and friends know of my blog. I don't know if any of them read or not. I know my mother does from time to time...when she remembers, and she doesn't remember many things anymore. My daughter may check in from time to time. I know more of my friends are reading since I did a FB fan page and my blogs get posted to my FB wall. And that's okay. I've got nothing really to hide. There may be some things that are surprising because I am not an open book....but that's okay too. Surprises can be fun!

More Milestones said...

Sherri, I too have always kept a journal. My blog has replaced pen and paper.

Kelly said...

I think this describes most of us, it is a way of releasing. I think of it like my art, if I start creating for "them" (whoever "they" are) then I've lost the reason why I enjoy creating so much. It's part of the journey, and it's part of me finding and living my authentic self.

More Milestones said...

Kelly, exactly the words I was trying to find. It's weird... well, I guess not... my blog means as much to me as my journals do. I never thought of myself as artistic but you're right. This is my art.