Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Go Green & Save Green

Being green always seemed like such a pain.  Where would I start?  Like anything else, it's one step at a time. Taking baby steps to go green is not just good for our Mother Earth, it can also put more green in your pocket. 

Start by stop buying 20oz plastic bottles of pop and bottled water.  I use a Brita pitcher.  We also have a PUR filter on the faucet.  Purchase reusable water bottles and start drinking more water (I top off with Crystal Light, lemon or lime).

This one small change has many benefits:
  • Save money from buying pop and water.
  • Keep plastic bottles from ending up in landfills.
  • Lose weight from drinking more water and less pop.
  • By drinking more water and less sugary soda pop your skin will look better.
I feel good about the baby steps I have taken to be green.  I also know there is so much more I can do.  Someday I hope to:
  • Purchase a cloths line and start hanging laundry outside to dry - hoping to do next summer.
  • Start a compost - someday.
  • Start a garden - someday.
  • Recycle cell phones - on our next upgrade.
What small changes have you made?  What are some of your green tips?
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4 Friends Commented:

Hannah said...

I have done pretty much the same stuff. We did plant tomatoes and some herbs. If I had more room in my yard I would love to have a bigger garden. BTW I awarded you on my blog so go check it out when you can.

Http:// ourhappyhomeblog.blogspot.com

More Milestones said...

Thanks Hannah! I sure will.

Marie said...

We started a garden this year, and I found out I really like it. It's been fun watching stuff come up, and then eating the fruits of our labor! WE'll probably do more of that next year. We would also like to start a compost. I'm waiting on my hubby to put together a place for me to keep it.

More Milestones said...

Marie your garden sounds great. I have the same problem with the compost thing. I just don't want our dog digging it up.