Friday, June 11, 2010

Wrinkles Be Gone

I have these two vertical lines that are right between my eyebrows (ok they're wrinkles...I'm a deep thinker whatever makes me feel better right?).

Anyway, I've never really used anything to try to get rid of them. So while at Walmart I decided, what the hell, and I started looking around for wrinkle junk.

Have you ever looked at this crap? It is REALLY expensive. Isn't it bad enough that I'm getting wrinkles. Now I gotta spend 30 bucks on this shit. 

I settled on Garnier Ultra-Lift (deep wrinkle treatment). I paid $12.47 for a teeny tiny tube that will be empty before the end of summer.

I was really surprised.  It worked pretty good. I'll purchase again. It didn't take my wrinkles away (these babies are really deep let me tell ya). It did make them look better though.  I think I'll be slowly switching out my old stuff for more Garnier products.

What are your favorite beauty products?

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4 Friends Commented:

Jackie said...

Wrinkle creams are horribly expensive, but some do seem to work pretty well.

I've reached a point in my life where I'm happy that I don't have to deal with pimples AND wrinkles at the same time (just the wrinkles). It didn't seem fair to have them both at the same time:)

More Milestones said...

YES! It's NOT fair to have both zits and wrinkles. I was still getting zits when I started noticing my "small lines". I still get zits but it's few and far between. Although I may have just jinxed myself. (oops)

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