Friday, June 18, 2010

~ It's Complicated

I can say how others see me in one sentence - I'm a working (during the school year) married mom with two teen boys and a doberman.

It will take me more than that to tell you how I see myself.  I'm funny. I'm dedicated. I'm optimistic. I love. I'm loved... I'm complicated.

I am a walking contradiction. I'm caring and kind - but I can flip the bitch switch if you push me too far. I love to sing - but I can't do it well and won't "perform" in front of others. I love my job - but I'm glad to have the summers off (public school). I love Jesus - but I could make an old sailor blush with my filthy mouth.

    I have many interests:
God, Family, Friends, Blogging (duh), Cooking, Sims 2 (pc), Movies (all except satan subjects), Music (all), TV (about everything), Crocheting, Being Green (working on it), Gardening (someday), Reading (wish I could read more).

    I blog about many things:
Cleaning / Cooking Tips, Co-Workers, Dreams, Empty Nest, Family, Friends, God, Gratitude, Green Tips, Humor, Life, Loss, Love, Marriage, Obesity, Optimism, Parenting, Pets, Weight Loss, Work, TV, Crocheting...on and on.

Blog How To's say to have a successful blog, you should write on one topic. It's possible. I've seen blogs dedicated to one subject.

This will not work for me. No big surprise, huh? Didn't I tell you I'm complicated?  I can't be the only one though....right?

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Hannah said...

My boys are both little and I already feel like time has flown by! My youngest isn't a baby anymore he is a toddler now and for some reason I really thought the baby stage would last longer then it did. I can only imagine how you feel!

Mike and Katie said...

That's we started over. We weren't ready for an empty nest.

Mike and Katie said...

Oops! That's WHY we started over!

More Milestones said...

Hannah, as I look back, I can't pick my FAVORITE stage. I loved it all and still do. My advice to mommies, "Make everyday a good memory". As they grow they may not remember all the times you reread them their favorite book but they will carry it in their heart always.
I'm in NO WAY a mommy expert but if you have any boy questions please feel free to contact me.

More Milestones said...

Mike & Katie, I've thought about it too. I've also thought of being a foster parent. Being a mom is the only thing that ever came natual for me. It's my favorite thing. I just want to share all my expirences.
Please stop by my community and we'll swap stories.

Eileen said...

i think I have that same switch on my engine! And I know I could make a sailor blush. I have added your button to my blog, for the enjoyment of my readers.

More Milestones said...

Thank you, Eileen I'm glad you enjoy.

805 Buckaroo said...

found ya on the hop, im now following.