Friday, August 27, 2010

Parenting Classes

Originally written in June 2010 but never posted.

People should have to take parenting classes.  You need a degree/license/experience to do anything - except be a parent.  It's the most important job a person can do, yet any yahoo can bring as many little people into the world as they want.

I work at a school and I see A LOT of idiots.  We send home countless notes regarding school events.  Detailed notes sent home from the classroom and school office.  School news displayed on our website, marquee  and posted all over the building.

It never fails.  Some dumb ass is always calling and asking, "Is it a half day today?", "What time are the students dismissed?", my favorite, "When is the last day of school?".  IDIOTS!

On a Thursday we were dismissed at 11:30.  A kindergartner was not picked up so we called home.  Mom did not know it was a half day.  She then calls back because she cannot find her keys and can WE contact someone else to pick him up.  WTF!!  We should call?  Isn't she holding a phone?  Isn't she his mother?

We called several people.  Finally mom came (an hour later), running into the building, grabbing his backpack and rushing him out the door.  No thank you.  No sorry.  What a bitch!

So being in a bitchy mood myself, I called and left a sweet message on her phone reminding her that the next day (last day of school year) was also a half day and dismissal was at 11:30.

Friday came and would you believe it?  That bitch DID NOT pick up her son again!  This time the poor kid only waited for 30 minutes before a relative came for him.

My kids are teens and I still get freaked out if I don't know where they're at.  I just don't understand this laid back lack of concern some parents show their children.

Being a parent is the most important job I'll ever do.  From the very beginning I've done it with love, patience and pride.  It's more then feeding your kid and putting them to bed.  It's building a strong relationship with them and non-stop teaching, leading them down the right path to be kind respectful people.

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