Sunday, May 30, 2010

~ Letter to My Oldest Son ~

Oh My Baby Bird,

We are so very proud of you, not just because of all your accomplishments but because of the young man you have become.

I always told you boys the reason I am so hard on you is because I want you to be great kids.  Great kids who turn into great young men, men, husbands and fathers.  You are well on your way.

At this time in your life I know you want your freedom.  What you don't understand is that you HAVE your freedom and so much more.  You come and go as you please.  You've gone on road trips.  You've been handed two cars.  You don't need to pay rent, cable, dish, phone, Internet, electric, gas, car insurance, renters insurance, food, cleaning supplies,  car maintenance, home maintenance and so much more - you have no idea.

As always we are here to guide you down the right path.  Your dad and I had rough times and we are only trying to save you from that road.  We give to you what we would want for ourselves if we could turn back time.  So we encourage you to stay home and save money, have fun with zero adult responsibilities.

We've given you (damn good) advice but you will do what you feel is best for you.  Just know, we are ALWAYS here for you, even long after you leave the nest.

You are blessed more than you know.  You are loved so much more than you know.  I hope one day you will be grateful for all we have done for you.... maybe when you have baby birds of your own.

We love you for always,

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