Friday, May 28, 2010

~ Contagious ~

It's amazing how some people are unaware of the negativity they are spewing out into the world.  They have no idea how it effects others around them.  A bad attitude is not good for anyone.  It's a super contagious virus; dark and heavy and eats at your soul.

A bad attitude is just being lazy.  Being a rude, bitch, know-it-all-asshole takes zero effort.  Really.  Who the hell doesn't have it in them to be a dick?  It's not hard at all.

If you are one of these people (and I don't know if you are or not), please let me help you because you are missing so much.  A heart full of peace and love is a whole lot better than walking around with anger, bitterness and jealousy.

It doesn't matter if you are married or single; have 10 kids or none; when bad shit happens (and it happens to EVERYONE)  we all feel it the same.  It's how you deal with those situations that really matter.
EXAMPLE:  You come home to find your electric has been turned off.  How do you handle it?
DO YOU:  Get pissed, call the electric company and yell, call everyone you know and tell them how you were wronged, yell at your kids to stop bitching about no TV, fight with your spouse for not paying the bill, cry yourself to sleep (your children are probably doing the same) and call in the next day.
OR:  Think of everything you have to be grateful for (family, friends, home, job, vehicle, bed, candles), reassure your children by sharing thoughts of gratitude, read, play games, light candles, tell jokes.
Think this is unrealistic?  Well, it happened to us.  It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  We had a good time.  Now my boys will have a funny memory of the time we didn't have electricity but they could have had an awful memory of the same event.  It all starts with the attitude.

People don't just have a good attitude least I don't.  I put in a lot of effort each day to be positive.  As each rude, bitch, know-it-all-asshole tries to attack my warm bubble of good thoughts and happiness; I have to fight back.  I have to go through the steps and remind myself of all the good things in my life.

I remind myself of the things in my life that really matter.  I thank God for everything He's given me and I ask Him for the strength and knowledge to deal with the ugliness that is trying to creep it's way into my life.  Whatever my future holds is in God's hands.

So will I have a good attitude when He lays his plan before me?  I'm sure gonna try.
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S.I.F. said...

I love this! Such good timing too! I try so hard to live my life like that... I know I often fail, but it is always my goal. Beautiful!