Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why are people so damn rude? We are all human. We all live, breathe, love, hurt, have hopes and dreams. So why do we have to be cruel to one another?
I left a job I loved for a different position because of a cruel woman. Today this other woman was just sooo mean. Do I have a sign on my forehead that I'm unaware of? Does it say, "Be a bitch to me I like it."?
We all have personal things we're dealing with. I leave mine at home. I smile, I'm friendly, I'm helpful and kind. I just don't understand why/how people can treat each other with such cruelty.
Maybe someday I just won't care.... but today... today it really hurts.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Taking baby steps is going pretty good. I've joined an awesome online group. I've been honest with myself when tracking calories. I've recently started to tell people of my goal to lose weight or go under the knife. I'm off to a good start.

Yesterday, while at work, I passed on 2 cupcakes, a Little Debbie snack, and Goldfish crackers. Today, my husband got 2 large Pizza Hut pizzas. I did not eat one bite. I didn't even take a peek...but damn they smelled delicious.

Not one day goes by where there's not a conscience choice to eat the right thing. Not one meal eaten without being planned.
Not one day of smooth sailing. It's a daily fight to be faced with all these not-so-healthy foods/snacks and turn them down.

A person only has so much will power. How long can mine last?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I work at a public elementary school (attendance clerk). I was really worried about going back to school after Christmas break.

There is almost a daily celebration of someone's birthday... either staff or students. So many cookies, candies and naughty treats galore.

I swear the week before break I ate so many cookies, cake, and candy I sat on the toilet and a doughnut fell out!

Well, there were no celebrations yesterday thank goodness. Although, I did have to pass on yet another cupcake today.

God, please give me strength to turn down all those other treats I know will pass my desk this week.

Friday, January 1, 2010

I lost 9 pounds in the last two weeks of December, 2009. I'm hoping to take that accomplishment and run with it in 2010.

I've had a steady weight increase since I gave birth to C. I need to put a stop to that NOW.

My Program:
~ Breakfast - cereal/oatmeal.
~ No pop.

~ Walk 30 min a day.
~ Stop eating by 8pm.
~ Read over goals daily.
~ Take daily vitamin.
~ Drink at least 80oz of water a day.

I've also decided that if I DO NOT get/keep on the track by my 40th birthday (October, 2010), I will start looking into gastric bypass/lap band. These procedures are covered under my husband's insurance so it's been an option for many years but.... I never felt that route was for me. I'm scared to have surgery. I DO NOT WANT THAT.
So, I hope to do this by following the above plan, increasing exercise, watching calories and above all... staying on track.

Please wish me luck, keep me in your prayers and pass along any advice/tips.