Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Perfect Snow Day

When my boys were much younger (single digits) we had ourselves the best snow day ever. We slept in late, had breakfast and were out the door. We built a snowman with hat and all. The boys tried to build a fort. We had hot chocolate and grabbed our pillows and blankets and piled ourselves in front of the tube. The boys put their mattresses on the floor and we watched Rugrats and any movies/specials with a snow theme. We even watched Snow Day (the movie).

Although we never had another snow day quite like that one we did stick to the same more or less. There were some changes. Snowmen stopped being built. That snow fort never did get fully constructed. Rugrats was out and Christmas Vacation and Elf were in.

This snow day was like no other. One boy in college, one boy in high school... both with a snow day. We all slept in. Because we each woke up at different times, we each made our own breakfast. The boys spent this extra free time in their rooms playing video games and watching movies on their own.

Although I was excited about the free days (2 snow days in a row), I'm kinda sad remembering that perfect snow day.

I miss my boys being little guys. I miss making their days special. Now they have their own ideas of the perfect snow day.

I'm 39 and I can't wait for grandchildren. Am I nuts or what!

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