Friday, December 25, 2009

The Luckiest Woman

During a holiday work party, I went up to my husband to give him a hug when a co-worker asked me, "Do you know you are the luckiest woman in this room?".
I knew what she meant but still I asked "why?". She went on to tell me how wonderful my husband is and how I should love and cherish him. (What made her think I don't love and cherish him?) As we left she made her way to him and tried to go in for.... for well, I don't know what.... but she got a half hug at best.

My family says I think too much about things. I don't know if that's a ME thing or a woman thing... whatever... I couldn't stop thinking of this woman. I mean that's pretty ballsy to hit on someone's husband not only in front of them but USING them.

Another thing my family says is - I'm always focusing on HOW things are said - and it's HOW she said this that really bugs me. I mean I know my husband is great.... but why am
I the lucky one? He's pretty damn lucky too.

She also made reference to her boyfriend who she feels is imature. This actually cracks us both up, as my husband still finds bodily noises funny and is entertained by SpongeBob and Disney.

No one is the perfect package. Relationships take work. Don't wish for what someone else has because you really don't know what you're wishing. We've put hard work into our marriage. There are things that we love about each other and things that annoy each other. We embrace the things we love and work through the other junk.

But really, how did she know?..... I am the luckiest woman.

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Lindsay said...

I can relate. Everyone always tells me how lucky I am and I totally agree that my husband is a great catch. BUT I am a pretty great catch too if I don't mind saying : ) But it does get a little annoying when it keeps coming from the same person over and over again.

And I think that if the woman made you feel uncomfortable then that's all that matters. Sometimes we just have to go with our gut and if your gut is telling you that she is being a little too friendly then maybe it should be something you bring up to your husband. <- If you haven't already. And if it happens again I would be like "Well thanks for noticing how lucky I am but I think you should now take your focus off my husband."

I always tell my husband that even if I am over reacting I still have the right to say what I am feeling and thinking so he can reassure me of what it is I need reassuring about. <- confusing?

I am visiting from MBC. You have a cute blog : ) I am now a follower...

Leslie said...

I completely understand and wondered if it were a woman thing or a me thing --- thanks for sharing.