Monday, August 17, 2009

Swine Flu

As seen on TODAY - Dr. Nancy Snyderman (NBC News Chief Medical Editor) gives Swine Flu Survival tips:
  • Practice Good Hand Hygiene
  • Don't Share - viruses stay on hands and objects which are brought up to your face
  • Check Temperature - keep children with fever home
  • Stay Home - don't go to work/school sick - protect others
  • Hand Sanitizer - send with kids who may not be washing hands as well as you would like
  • Get Vaccinated - vaccine will be out in October
I work during the school year. I'm sure I wash my hands at least 10 times before I leave the house for work. As soon as I arrive I wipe down my phone, keyboard, mouse and desk with Clorox wipes. I also keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk that I use frequently throughout the day.

I am a handwashing FREAK but really how easy is it to wash your hands the right way: water - soap - rub - rinse.

The boys (hubby too) do not listen or take advice unless it's on ESPN. Now if I could only get Brett Favre or Tiger Woods to do a PSA and demonstrate good hand hygiene I'd be set.

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