Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sometimes Honesty Hurts

It's that time again. I was not looking forward to this post. I did not have a successful week. It's ok though because I have my list of the many excuses in my mind ready to convince us all that it's ok and there's always tomorrow.

Really, I do have a list and I was ready to give you all my "legitimate" reasons for my lack of effort. I won't do that though because that's exactly what it was a great lack of effort.

I always tell my boys it takes zero effort to get an "F" on their report card so I NEVER want to see that (so far so good). I give myself an "F" this week. Damn, that sucks.

It's really hard to say that, to type that. But as I sit here I know I need to be honest. Honest to you. Honest to myself.

So where do I go from here? I was thinking I would not add another challenge this week but then I changed my mind.

So this week, in addition to what I should already be doing, I will be working on the following:
* Stop eating by 9:00 pm.

Just to let you know, I really DO NOT want to hit that "Publish Post" button.

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