Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rescuing Cooper

Early last week we went to our local SPCA to take a look at some dogs. I was expecting to just fall in love. I was waiting for that connection. To see a face I couldn't live without. I didn't find that.

Still I filled out an adoption application just so I would be ready to take my new furry friend soon as I met him.

Yesterday, hubby and I took our youngest to take another look around. The love arrow did not strike me but it did strike hubby and our son. They fell for a mini pincher. He has spent most of his life (2.5 yrs) there.

What kind of life was that? I felt bad for him. So we took him home.

There will be some getting used to on both sides. He has to get used to all things new. There are new smells, new sounds and new faces. We have to get used to his personality.

It's only been 24 hrs but we're all hopeful. I want this will be good for him and our boys.

I definitely know Cooper is not Payton. There is not a connection there. Maybe later. I still miss my Payton each and everyday. I still cry. How long will this hurt?

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