Friday, August 7, 2009

Puppy Names???

If you know me in person or have been reading my blog; you know we recently lost our seven year old Doberman (Payton) to bone cancer.
We looked at dobie pups and decided to get one. I know. We're nuts. More crazy... we'd take two pups if we had the cashola.
We will be picking him up Monday and have not come to a decision about the name.
I actually came up with the name Payton. We are football lovers so we named him after Walter Payton.
So does anyone have a good name for a male Doberman pup?

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Momma Such said...

Our kids usually come up with the names of our pets. Our Dog is Miley (the only girl name they could think of that I liked too...At least her name isn't Hannah...he he)

For some reason when I think of male dogs I think of the name Dalton...not sure why. Good luck! Keep us posted on the name you choose! :)

Anonymous said...

We breed and show dobermanns in England. Our two dobermann dogs are called Bear and Moose, the black and rust girls are Voodoo, Kiwi and Raven, our brown and rust girls are Ember and Cedar. Seen you've chosen Tyson but you never know you may get more like us!! We also have three border terriers called Rufus, Nugget and Teasel.

Anonymous said...

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