Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Laughing Again

We picked up our new puppy last night.
Although it was almost an hour drive, he took the ride home pretty well.

HE IS SOOO DAMN CUTE!!! Fourteen pounds of sweet furry goodness.

He's only had two accidents in the house.... I laughed both times. He urinated like a drop compared to Payton's small pond. Even his puppy poops are cute... maybe because they were outside.

We took him for a ride to get him some toys. This toy says "Twizzlers". I got it for him because I LOVE red Twizzlers. Sick, huh?

I think he loves his Twizzlers too.

It's funny how similar puppies and babies are. I feel as if I'm potty training the puppy the same way I did our boys... taking him to the "potty" every few hours, cutting him off beverages (well, water) at a certain time and giving him tons of praise for going potty like a big boy.

He has brought back the smiles and laughter to our home and I am so very grateful for that.

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