Friday, August 28, 2009

How Do You Know?

I work at a public school. This is my ninth school year. I've worked on the playground, in the kitchen, cafeteria, locker room, classrooms and office. I've worked in both the elementary and middle school buildings.I have recently changed my position AGAIN. I will be in a different building but working with familiar faces. It is 15 minutes less time per week. I will have the opportunity to sub a whole lot more.I just have this huge pit in my stomach as if I'm making the wrong choice.

he choice to change positions was mine. The woman I was working with is just too nuts for me to work with any longer. She talks badly about EVERYONE so I'm sure she talks badly about me as well. She gossips constantly about coaches/teachers/principals. She also noses around in student files at the high school level checking grades and rankings and sharing this information. I just do not want her bad habits to be blamed on me.Other than her, I love what I do and who I work with. I love the students and they like me. I know my job and do it well. I just do not want to be the fall guy when she is eventually caught being unprofessional.Did I make the wrong choice? Am I working against what the Lord wants for me? Wouldn't it be nice if that 8 ball we had as kids really worked?

UPDATE:  I made the move from the middle school building back to the elementary and I love it. It was a GREAT move.

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Dian said...

There's no magic 8 ball unfortunately but listen to that uneasiness. Take it to the Lord and ask for wisdom. Ask him to shut doors that need to be shut and open doors that need to be open. He is faithful!

Dian said...

I hope it goes well for you.

Jen A said...

Ask yourself why the unease, are you nervous about the new position? Do you feel like you are leaving important work in the old job? I think your reasons for changing positions are valid, don't hold it against your self that you can't take the trouble maker (and lets face it she WON'T change). Good luck.

Jen A