Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cosmo or Elle? Neither

Actually, I don't read Cosmo or Elle. I don't care what color is in season. I don't need any symbols on my cloths/makeup/children etc to show the world I'm living large. I don't need roses or diamonds. (My husband is happy about that one) To be honest I don't really get the "shoe" thing.

I've always called myself "Plain Jane". A couple of my fancy women friends take this as if I'm putting myself down and always make the, "No you're not" soothing voice to cheer me up. Uhhh, I kinda like me as I am. I don't feel as if it's a put down in any way at all. Low maintenance. That's me.

Don't get me wrong, I like doing my hair, waxing my brows, and putting on makeup. I just don't feel the need to do it
every day. As long as I have deodorant, I can get up and go no problem. In fact, I don't even wear makeup much during the summer.

Now, don't get pissed. I'm not knocking the fancy women of the world. I love my fancy woman friends and they love me.

I'm just saying, why do women beat on each other? So you get that symbol; those shoes. If that makes you happy great. Embrace who you are. Love yourself. Just as us "Plain Jane" women should.

Maybe I'm not girly because I have boys. Maybe God gave me boys because I'm not girly. Whatever. I like me.

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Dian said...

So True!