Saturday, August 8, 2009

Always Grateful

So many changes have happened in the last year. It's been very emotional.

I don't like change... I think more so than the average person. I had SO much change as a child I don't like anything rocking my world. I went to several schools, lived in several houses and was tossed between two states. I lived with both parents. I lived with my mom - no dad. I lived with my dad - no mom. (more on that later.... maybe)

Through all the crap that's been going on I am still grateful.

I'm grateful for:
  • Hubby, boys and their good health
  • Extended family - love you Paulette
  • Hubby has a job
  • I have a job during the school year
  • Our oldest will have a job in the fall
  • I had Payton for seven wonderful years
  • We have a home
  • We have somewhat working vehicles
  • None of our utilities have been turned off
  • Being chosen by as one of their Featured Writers for "CNN Can Shove It Too" - (that's right, I'm tooting that horn)
Most of all, I'm grateful to God for always carrying me. You need only ask once and He will be there for you even when you think He's not.

Just as we do with our children, I believe we do not always like the lessons He teaches us. Just as with our children, those lessons are the best thing for us.

Have a safe and happy weekend.

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