Saturday, July 11, 2009

I can't believe this hurts so much

Always when I think, "Ok, things aren't great but they're not horrible", I'm tested. So now my doberman is in not so great health. He's only seven but he seems an old man. He walks, lays down even wags his little tail a lot slower than he did just last month.

I've been so focused on how I was going to feel and deal with the boys eventually moving on and out; I never even considered my other son not being all.

My husband wore me down until I finally said ok let's get a dog. He wanted a rot, shepard or doberman. UUUGGGHHH! Small dogs were annoying and big dogs frightened the hooha out of me. And a doberman. Forget about that one. I like my face just fine, thank you. After doing some research I decided to give in to getting a puppy but I was NOT going to be caring for this thing. This was my husband's project.

Well....what can I say. I love that dog so very much. He is momma's puppy. He follows me from one room to the other. If I'm in a particular rush he'll look at me like, "Please, Mom will you just pick a room already". Even now, if I come home and go straight to the bathroom he will whine outside my door because I didn't greet him first.

I started crying at the thought that would not leave my mind. What will I do without him? He drives me crazy! He had his first accident (since being a pup) in the house - at 3am no less. (That's another story) But I love my furry friend, protector, son. Although I've never heard him say one would, a million words and emotions have passed between us with just a look.

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